Closing Night Film “NERDGASM” one screening only!



      6:00 pm     Opening Night Party @ Pere Marquette Depot

      8:15 pm     Too Late @ State Theatre

    10:30 pm     Opening Night Afterparty with Valley Hush @ Old City Hall


      2:00 pm     Bounce @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      3:30 pm     FREE MUSIC @ Electric Kitsch • Hailey Wojcik

      4:00 pm     Shorts Program 1 @ Delta College Planetarium

      4:00 pm     Wildlike @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      5:30 pm     FREE MUSIC @ Harless + Hugh Coffee • Loretta Lucas

      6:00 pm     Diamond Tongues @ State Theatre

      6:00 pm     Viaje @ Delta College Planetarium

      6:00 pm     Wedgerino @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      7:00 pm     Filmmaker Reception (7-9 pm) @ Mlive Hub (PASSHOLDERS ONLY)

      8:00 pm     Uncle John @ State Theatre

      8:00 pm     20 Years of Madness @ Delta College Planetarium

      8:00 pm     Naz and Maalik @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      9:00 pm     Music @ The Empire Room

    10:15 pm     They Look Like People @ Masonic Temple Red Room


    10:30 am    Local Shorts Program @ Delta College Planetarium

    11:30 am     Dirty Weekend @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      1:00 pm     FREE MUSIC @ Harless + Hugh Coffee • Nathan K

      1:30 pm     Funny Bunny @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      2:00 pm     Panel – Midwest Filmmaking @ Delta College Planetarium

      3:30 pm     A Rising Tide @ Delta College Planetarium

      3:30 pm     Shorts Program 2 @ State Theatre

      3:30 pm     Uncle John @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      4:30 pm     FREE MUSIC @ Electric Kitsch • Woven Tangles

      5:30 pm     Happy Hour/Crowdfunding Rally (5:30-7:30pm) @ Studio 23 (passes and tickets)

      6:00 pm     Lamb @ State Theatre

      8:30 pm     Stuck @ State Theatre

      8:30 pm     The Keeping Room @ Delta College Planetarium

      9:00 pm     Music @ Masonic Temple Blue Room


    11:00 am     The Hell’s Half Mile Half Mile Run @ Corner of 1st and Water St

    12:00 pm     Bounce @ Delta College Planetarium

    12:00 pm     Diamond Tongues @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      2:00 pm     A Dog Named Gucci @ State Theatre

      2:00 pm     Wedgerino @ Delta College Planetarium

      2:00 pm     The Keeping Room @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      4:30 pm     Dirty Weekend @ State Theatre

      4:30 pm     Stuck @ Delta College Planetarium

      4:30 pm     20 Years of Madness @ Masonic Temple Red Room

      7:00 pm     Nerdgasm @ State Theatre

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What is Hell’s Half Mile?

Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival is more than an event for those who simply appreciate film and music. It’s a grassroots effort to develop a community that participates in the arts. In our 9-year history we have brought scores of independent films, filmmakers, actors and bands from all over the country to downtown Bay City. We’ve also brought in thousands of attendees, many from the Great Lakes Bay Region, but others coming in from all over the state of Michigan and beyond.

Much like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the annual Bay City Fireworks celebration, Hell’s Half Mile has become a tentpole event in mid-Michigan. With so many out of town guests, HHM has become a great opportunity to show off everything Bay City and the Great Lakes Bay Region has to offer.

If you’re attending this year’s festival, all access passes will be on sale in just a few months. If you are interested in getting your name in front of thousands of well-educated, affluent audience members, please head to our sponsorship page for more info.

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