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Boudoir Noir

With an aesthetic steeped in the seedy sultriness of Prohibition-era speakeasies, Boudoir Noir are as theatrical as they are mesmerizing.


Synth pop is as captivating and energizing as it gets when it comes from RareWolf.

Barbarossa Brothers

ContentSelf-described as “Michigan-bred bayou folk,” this trio purveys a mix of hardscrabble blues, Appalachia folk, southern-fried soul, and rollicking alt. country.

Phil Roth

Experimental aural tapestries running the gamut from the mournful to the whackadoo are this native son’s stock and trade.


The taking apart and fusing back together of disparate musical genres is the order of the day for Kyle Norton, known under his performing moniker Norty.

The Sunburns

Take one part surf rock, one part misanthropic punk, and one part proto-rock pop.


Siamese hail from a world of perpetual twilight.

The Erers

The Erers (the first “er” is silent) are personified swagger with the songwriting chops to back it up.

In The Whale

This Colorado duo’s massive sound belies their minimalistic roster.

The Martin McNeil Trinity

McNeil purveys a sound in line with the alt. country echelon.

The Satin Peaches

Playing only their second show since reuniting in 2016 after a long hiatus, the Satin Peaches are Michigan indie rock royalty.

Queen Qwong

Primeval. Feral. Cathartic. Just a few words to describe Queen Kwong, fronted by Carré Callaway.

Electric Six

Yeah, you read that right, Hellions. Electric Six, those manic maestros of absurdist disco-punk-metal fusion are headlining HHM, babies.


Featuring a quintessential hip-hop roster of two emcees and one DJ, LXL (Large Extra Large) can rock any spot in no time flat.

Valley Hush

Less than a year since they played their debut show, this Detroit quartet has been making waves around the region for their evocative fusion of electronica, pop, and indie rock.

Hailey Wojcik

Hailey Wojcik (voy-check) may build her songs on a foundation of darkness.

Loretta Lucas

The shimmering psych-folk that is the trademark sound of Detroit singer-songwriter Loretta Lucas is as melodic as it is hypnotic.

Ampersand Castles

Consider this trio Bay City’s resident super group, comprising veterans of some premiere groups from the area.

Pink Lightning

The off-kilter influences factoring into Pink Lightning’s modus operandi are astounding. The quintet wrangles, subdues, gnaws on, slurps down, and spits back a demented mélange of sounds.

Cold Blood Club

Cold Blood Club is the band you want to play your end-of-the-world rooftop party as an asteroid burns through the atmosphere.


Whether spitting rhymes over vintage, soul-inflected soundtracks or rapping amid a barrage of layered synths and crashing beats, this duo is dynamic in all facets. Composed of Brent “Blak” Smith and Bryan “Mister” Lackner, Passalacqua are smooth-groovers whose artistry is paramount and infectious.

Nathan K.

Though he now resides in Nashville, Nathan K.’s muse is firmly planted in his native Michigan.

Woven Tangles

Rustic folk, dirty blues, and alt. country, all filtered through an indie mindset, are this Detroit quartet’s stock and trade.


Describing this trio is no easy task. Suffice to say, what they play is a vein of impossible-to-pigeonhole/lo-fi ambient jazz noise rock.


You could label this trio alt. country, occupying the same realm as Wilco and Ryan Adams.

The Lippies

Old school punk is thriving in the veins of this Grand Rapids quartet.


Stepdad are a mainline shot of pure sugar in the synth pop confectionary.

Nigel and the Dropout

Think of an art show at once visually, aurally, and intellectually stimulating and you behold Nigel & the Dropout.

Jamaican Queens

What better group to kick off the music side of HHM than this sensory-stimulating trio? 

Andy Reed

Bay City’s own Andy Reed practically lives on music.

Kelly Slaten and Dan Lake

Jazz guitarist Dan Lake and vocalist Kelly Slaten, both residents of Clare, Michigan, have music in their blood.


If the Smiths, Daft Punk and Marilyn Monroe conceived a child and delivered it on the east side of Detroit with the Kills acting as midwife, that child might grow up to be Tart.

Royal Pioneer

Music serves our souls in many ways. Among the most notable are to honor friendships, to offer comfort, and to examine love and life through all of its highs and lows.

George Morris & the Gypsy Chorus

How do you like your indie pop? Served up with a dose of unabashed glam rock, hopefully, ‘cause that’s what you’re getting with this devil-may-care quartet.

The HandGrenades

Since first playing an HHM Indie Music Showcase in July 2013, this group of melody-making ruffians has become something of a festival house band.

Jason Milan

Songwriter and instrumentalist Jason Milan began picking and strumming when he was eleven years old to keep up with his heavy metal minded cousins.

James Linck

Searching for the perfect musical act to satisfy your appetite for top shelf minimalist electro-pop and sultry R&B?

The Mud Suns

The Mud Suns don’t mess around—they’re raw, nasty, and dirty, but with a glow that shines through the grime, as their name implies.


The Von Bondies were one of the premiere bands of the aughts’ garage rock revivalism.

Hollow & Akimbo

Waves of anticipation heralded the February release of this group’s debut eponymous LP.

The High Strung

The High Strung is a band difficult to qualify, as they don’t snuggly fit into any subgenre.

Tunde Olaniran

With this Flint native, it’s not simply a matter of standing back and watching a musician play a few songs.

We Are Hex

Festival-goers can expect to have their senses overwhelmed by these Indianapolis-based grime rockers.

Flint Eastwood

The name says it all: Michigan-bred and incendiary with a tip of the hat to the icon of spaghetti westerns.

The HandGrenades

The catchy, up-tempo, retro rock of Detroit's The HandGrenades is as polished of a pop sound as can be heard.


Midwest describes their sound as "music born out of corn fields, cold winters, and rust belt love letters."


Guitarist-vocalist Elise Poirier and drummer Cody Marecek are no strangers to the world of music, partly because they spend a decent amount of time lounging on the "listening couch" in Electric Kitsch.

The Wild Finish

Despite hailing from Chicago, the Wild Finish has significant local roots — frontman Ryan Sias is a Midland native, having moved to the Windy City in 2010 to start a band.

The Darling Oranges

For the past few years, The Darling Oranges have been touring small town taverns and makeshift stages, much to the delight of anyone within earshot of their uniquely melodic, driving brand of rock 'n' roll.

Tokyo Morose

Festival favorites Tokyo Morose bring their airy synths, angular guitars, and flawless vocals to the center stage at this year's Local Indie Showcase.


Think of the Killers if they were still a bar band, playing their crystalline sheen of anthemic guitar-synth rock in an intimate setting.

The Hounds Below

Howling their way from the depths come The Hounds Below.

The Crane Wives

The Crane Wives spin fine songs from whole cloth, and you will never want the melodies to leave your head.


A stellar electropop duo from Chicago.

Lightning Love

Minimalist yet upbeat, this Ypsilanit trio crafts a sound rife with delicate hooks.

The Fishing Journal

The Fishing Journal is a rough and raw power trio from South Carolina.

An American Underdog

An American Underdog is full-band vehicle for local songster Andy Reed.