Studio 23 Art Films

Studio 23 / The Arts Center is partnering with Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival to feature art films screening exclusively at Studio 23. This event is free.

Feature Films


Neon retraces the history of the Communist-era neon signs of Warsaw, Poland, the context that generated them, the people and places connected with them, and the many meanings they have acquired since they were created. The neons were intended to convey a feeling of modernity and progress in a country cut off from the West. Socialist-blessed, they nevertheless mimicked the colour, dazzle and glamour of capitalist cities. Today, these neon signs are celebrated and much sought after. In recent years interest in them has grown not only in Poland, but also abroad.

Screening Details:
 Thursday 9/28 | Noon
Saturday 9/30 | Noon

From Darkroom to Daylight

From Darkroom to Daylight explores how the dramatic change from film to digital has affected photographers and their work. Photographer Harvey Wang, who began taking pictures as a teenager, was mid-career when the tools of his craft were made nearly obsolete with the transition to digital. Wang interviewed more than 20 important photographers and prominent figures in the field, including Jerome Liebling, George Tice, David Goldblatt, Sally Mann and Eugene Richards, as well as innovators Steven Sasson, who built the first digital camera and Thomas Knoll, who along with his brother created Photoshop. The film acts as both a document of this critical moment and a unique history of photography.

Screening Details:
Friday 9/29 | Noon
Sunday 10/1 | Noon

Short Films

Screening Times:
Thu, September 28, 3pm
Fri, September 29, 3pm
Sun, October 1, 2pm


We take a poor human person, like you, and treat them like a pawn in our game. Watch as neuroscientist, Wallace L. Graybill, attempts to receive money coins from grants for his important research. It will be candy for your tum tum.

Forgotten Earth
Forgotten Earth uses up close imagery of insects, gastropod molluscs, and other small terrestrial animals to delve into the subconscious world of nightmares. The macro imagery transforms the small beings into larger-than-life projections on the big screen.

LONGSHOREMAN is a hand-drawn animation exploring hidden worlds which lie just beneath the surface of our streets and our skins. Transport from the dead of night in a 1950s neighborhood, beyond flesh and blood and deep into the core of existence in a journey through creation, transformation and the lingering aftermath. LONGSHOREMAN features Brooklyn-based musician Aaron Hodges, and took 250+ hours to hand-draw and edit all the visual elements.

In the Shadow
Dance, music, spoken word and photographic imagery combine to explore the shadow cast upon generations by the Holocaust threat of annihilation

‘Damsel’ deconstructs the text of the 1899 literary novel ‘The Awakening’ by Kate Chopin to create a new piece on film. In doing so, it explores a tumultuous psyche; pulling the novel’s themes of identity and womanhood into the present day through visual composition and vocal storytelling.

Lost Boys
Three young men from totally different backgrounds stare into the dark void, facing the same struggle. They search for identity amid conflicts with their own families.

All Seasons Become One
We have arrived at a point in time where human evolution has brought about a more full understanding of nature, and the ability to see the whole of the natural world, and our planet, as interrelated. But even as the agents of life’s most advanced accomplishment, we pursue a destructive path and threaten the very resources we need to survive. Will nature take a step backwards and overcome us? Or is there more that we have yet to see that will increase our chances of survival, and to thrive?

Ciliary Currents

A polychromatic spectrum of amalgamating abstractions shot in Ithaca, New York with black & white 16mm reversal film that was cut up, tinted & toned using various hues of dye, hand-spliced back together, projected onto a screen, digitally recorded, and temporally stretched.

VR Film


Decompensation is a performative work that attempts to recreate the psychological stages which refugees pass through when moving and settling in.

In this participatory piece, the notion of ‘displacement’ is communicated through music, performance, and 360-degree video.