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HHM Fest is more than an event for those who simply appreciate film and music.  It’s a grassroots effort to develop a community that participates in the arts.  The festival idea developed from a “wouldn’t it be great…” conversation, into a “we can do it” action.  We hope our actions will inspire others to develop new arts and culture opportunities in our community.

We can’t do this without you.  Please share your time, energy and skills with us to create a world class experience right here in Bay City. We are so lucky to have amazing volunteers keeping the festival fun and fabulous for our attendees and artists. Feedback is positive EVERY year, and we owe it all to YOU!

Thank you for making us great, and for the generous donation of your time & talents.

-Your HHM Family

Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival
Volunteer Opportunities

*The following examples indicate our greatest area of need when scheduling volunteers for the  HHM Film & Music Festival


We are always in need of drivers to pick up and return guests to Flint Bishop and MBS airports. Occasionally some guests fly into Detroit, but that would be the farthest distance travelled. It’s a fun way to get to know the filmmakers/actors/screenwriters/producers, and learn about their project(s) being featured at the festival. Our guests are VERY appreciative of those who take time to pick them up & return them to the airports! Though we cannot reimburse you for your gasoline, we can thank you for your generous donation of time and fuel with film passes.


The greatest way to kick off a festival is with a BANG event like our opening night block party. Unfortunately, we could never pull the parties & receptions off without the energy of our hard-working volunteer crew! It takes a village to throw a massive shindig, and we need many, MANY hands of volunteers who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive into the work. The more people we get for set-up & break down, the quicker it goes. The perk? Entry into the Opening Night Party & Premiere Film!


We love to have people knowledgeable in these areas to help run the projection equipment, and to assist on the Saturday music night; both at the Masonic Temple. We are always on the lookout for photographers, too. We can’t be everywhere at once, so it helps to have a few people willing to create a visual record for each season. Nothing is better than getting to the end of the festival and having the pictures to remind everyone of the fun & festive atmosphere!  Let us know if YOU possess some know-how!


When invited to a dinner, do you find yourself rearranging the décor? Does the thought of clearing a table give you warm fuzzies? Wow, do we have the task for you! We have a general idea of how and where things need to be placed, according to the venue, but we love volunteers who can envision unique arrangement possibilities, and who enjoy mingling with guests as they keep the reception area free of debris. We need you to PIMP our parties!


No, you do not have to wear a monkey hat (unless you LIKE monkey hats). No, you do not have to carry a vendor’s box around and sell popcorn, peanuts & licorice. You DO have to love smiling and interacting with the public! Ushers help film-screenings and Q & A sessions run like a top at our venues. You help sell/take tickets, provide seating assistance to those in need, field everyone’s favorite question: “where’s the bathroom?”, sell concessions at the Masonic, pass ballots out to guests at all venues in order to rate the films (then collect them at the end), tidy up the theatre/screening room following films, and help the Venue Manager total tickets and ballots. Did we mention the most TERRIBLE part of the job? You have to help watch the films! Torturous, we realize, but it’s a necessary evil. It actually helps us to monitor projection problems. We simply ask that you do not forget to assist the poor Venue Manager with his/her theatrical duties.


Assist visiting screenwriters, filmmakers, or actors inside the workshops. Help them with set-up, act as a runner, pass out materials to participants, etc. Be the “Guy/Gal Friday” to help create a great experience for our guests and workshop attendees!


We truly believe that ALL of our volunteers are the festival’s best asset, but our Venue Managers are definitely the heart and soul of it! Good communication skills, practical savvy, and a positive/energetic attitude are what you need to possess if you are thinking of being a Venue Manager. Reliability is a MUST. Venue Managers keep our screening & music venues running like clockwork! They assist with box office tasks such as ticket, pass & t-shirt sales, counting tickets & ballots at the end of films, explaining duties to volunteers, distributing volunteer vouchers for every shift worked, and making sure that students get their cards signed for service credit hours. VM’s are the vital link between the festival committee and the volunteers & attendees. Shifts for VM’s are slightly longer than the average volunteer shift (4-6 hours as opposed to 3), but we welcome management teams, if you would like to have some company, or extra help!

Volunteer Forms

If you are interested in being a part of HHM9, please fill out our online volunteer form.

If you are under 18 years old, please download this form for parental consent and bring it with to our next meeting or event.

Download the Parental Consent Form.


Questions? Please contact Kayla Lynch. (kayla@hellshalfmile.com)