Passalacqua performing at BeMo's during the second HHM Indie Showcase of 2014. Photo by Adam Simmons
Passalacqua performing at BeMo’s during the second HHM Indie Showcase of 2014. Photo by Adam Simmons


Days after they nearly set Bay City alight with some incendiary performances, Detroit’s Passalacqua and Flint Eastwood have unveiled a joint video for new tune “POWER”. The two distinctive groups — the former an erudite and smoothly grooving hip-hop duo, the latter an indie dance rock outfit with the serrated edge of a spaghetti Western soundtrack — released the video in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 18.


Both groups performed at BeMo’s on Saturday, March 15, as part of the second Hell’s Half Mile Indie Showcase of 2014. The gathered crowd was the largest yet in the series of HHM Indie Showcases.

Passalacqua performed “POWER” during their set on Saturday.  The accompanying video depicts Passalacqua’s Brent “Blak” Smith and Bryan “Mister” Lackner, along with Flint Eastwood’s Jax Anderson, walking in Detroit’s 2013 Marche Du Nain Rouge.

The track was produced by Seth Anderson, Jax’s brother, and its video was directed by Benjamin J. Friedman. Lackner has said the song is a teaser for a forthcoming CD documenting Passalacqua and Flint Eastwood’s collaboration.

“‘All Power to All People,’ said the young Black Panthers to protest the rich, ruling class domination of society. ‘People’ meaning human beings,” Smith wrote in the video’s description. “The Black Power Movement in the 1960s was much deeper than rights; revolution is much more about the human spirit. Social movements are fueled by new ideas to confront the limits of what it means to be ‘free.’ If we continue to exist inside of divisive social constructs, we will continue to regurgitate old ideas. But if we all transform ourselves to live a life of love and purpose for our children and community, well, that would be the ultimate payback.”