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Friday Shorts Program

September 29, 2017 @ 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM


The Witching Hour
Family Comedy, Thriller 13 minutes

The only thing scarier than ghosts and goblins to a 12-year-old boy is girls, but this Halloween, George might leave all those fears behind thanks to a cute little witch who lives across the street.  A delightfully spooky story of puppy love from first time writer-director Riley Geis.

Cast: Maddox Henry, Amber Romero | Writer & Director: Riley Geis | Co-Producers: Desirae Whalen & Anabel Boyanova

Cab Elvis
Documentary | 10 minutes

Hop in a taxi with Seattle cabbie and Elvis-impersonator Dave Groh, who fought the city for the right to share Elvis’s “reservoir of love” with his riders.  Dave channeled the King a little too zealously, getting addicted to crack and moving to Hawaii for seven years, but eventually returned to Seattle and managed to avoid dying on the throne.

Cast: Dave Groh | Director & Producer: Andrew Franks

Uncle Silas
Drama | 15 minutes

The joy of new life comes up against the anger and guilt of addiction when the mother of a newborn is visited by her troubled younger brother.  Costars Kevin Kane and Sayra Player (Player also wrote and directed) give bravura performances that run the gamut of emotions in this heartbreaking short.

Cast: Kevin Kane, Sayra Player | Directors: Sayra Player, Rebecca Brillhart | Writer: Sayra Player | Producers: Rebecca Brillhart, Rich Pecci

The Good Mother
Comedy, Foreign Language (Spanish) | 6 minutes

This political comedy for the post-2016 era directed by Sarah Clift conjures an alternate reality where demagogic politicians are full of candy instead of crap, as a Mexican madre searches far and wide for the piñata her little niño has his heart set on.

Cast: Monica del Carmen, Abraham Espíndola, Fermín Martínez, Mary Paz Mata, Luis Eduardo Yee, Ángel Garnica, Rupert Degas | Writer & Director: Sarah Clift Producers: Jorge Aguilera, Alejandro Saevich, Vanessa Hernandez, Sarah Clift

Psychological Thriller | 18 minutes

HHM Jury Nomination: Best Short Film

The challenge of doing a heist film without a word of dialogue is only half the fun of this taut, precise short from Spanish director David Moreno.  The silence of the film and its characters ends up offering a loud and clear lesson in empathy and human potential.

Cast: Álex Villazán, Sergio Torrico, Juan Pablo Shuk, Sonia Almarcha, Luis Perezagua, Juan Carlos Muñoz | Writer & Director: David Moreno | Producers: David Moreno, Raquel Pedreira  

Time Is a Place
Fantasy | 8 minutes

“I want a dream lover, so I don’t have to dream alone,” Bobby Darin sang.  Tim Nakashi’s intriguing fantasy-romance literalizes such desires by following two secret lovers through a hyper-lucid slumberland.  It’s all fun and games until one of them awakens.

Cast: Kerry Knuppe, Nick Heyman, Time Winters, Blaine Vedros | Writer & Director: Tim Nackashi | Producers: Dustin Highbridge, Jefferis Gray

Psychological Thriller | 15 minutes

A normal party, except everyone seems ready to stab everyone else in the back.  A normal couple, except they argue in six languages.  A normal home, except there’s a bugging device inside baby’s teddy bear.  This tense spy short has the makings of a great feature from the team that produced 2014 HHM entry Before I Disappear.

Cast: Shawn Christensen, Phoebe Tonkin, Michael Drayer, Christina Brucato | Director: Damon Russell | Writers: Shawn Christensen, Damon Russell | Producers: Brenden Hubbard, Shawn Christensen

The Robbery
Dark Comedy | 10 minutes

HHM Jury Nomination: Best Short Film

Warning: do not smoke crack in the backseat of your Uber.  You may be tempted to pull a convenience store robbery to pay for your beloved dog’s vet bill, which would be a very bad idea, as Crystal finds out in this brilliant single-take short from Jim Cummings.  Appreciate cha!

Cast: Rae Gray, Pj McCabe | Writers: Jim Cummings, Dustin Hahn | Director: Jim Cummings | Producer: Natalie Metzger



September 29, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:45 PM
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