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Late Night Shorts Program

September 29, 2017 @ 10:15 PM - 11:45 PM

Creepy. Odd. Maybe a little WTF? These are the kind of short films submit for your late night viewing pleasure. [GET TICKETS]

Alien Grounds
Sci-Fi | 10 minutes
As Rebecca pecks at a typewriter, Jack dictates from his push-button car phone.  His story of an encounter on an unknown planet turns real as he runs headlong into his own close encounter.  A trippy retro sci-fi metal music video from French filmmaker Sebastien Antoine.
Cast: Yan Tual, Dan Bronchinson, Victoria Cyr | Writer & Director: Sébastien Antoine

The Barber’s Cut
Horror Comedy | 12 minutes
Talk about demon barbers!  This one’s a mad scientist with two reanimated severed heads stashed away in a fridge in his basement.  They’re none too happy to be separated from their bodies, so they’ve hatched an escape plan.  Hijinks ensue in this horror comedy about a haircutter who takes a little too much off the top.
Cast: Lewis Georgeson, Alisa Arnah, David Whitford | Writer & Director: Mark Brocking | Producers: Mark Brocking, Caitlin Moore

Demonoid 1971 (English Dub)
Horror, Comedy | 16 minutes
This recently rediscovered Mexican horror classic tells the story of a group of friends on a camping trip who become possessed by an Aztec demon.  It is one of the lesser known films of Juan F. Moctezuma, a reclusive Mexican auteur who mysteriously disappeared shortly after the film’s release.  Or not … either way it’s pretty great.
Cast: Antonio Monroi, Adrian Rodriguez, Valentina Magaña, Sergio Rogalto, Gabi Mayorga | Writer & Director: Alaric S. Rocha | Producers: Elliott Lonsdale, Alaric S. Rocha

Satire, Dark Comedy | 9 minutes
Despite the Durkee-Mower company’s best efforts to market it as a viable complement to peanut butter, many kids are forbidden by their parents from eating Marshmallow Fluff.  Stephen and Clyde are among those kids; in fact, their Mom is a stickler for nutrition.  But everything else is a little off in their household.
Cast: Samia Akudo, David Schallipp, Matthew Schallipp | Writers & Directors: Adam R. Brown, Kyle I. Kelley | Producer: Victoria Negri

The Hobbyist
Thriller | 9 minutes
Mr. Sangstrom has a problem: he wants to murder his wife.  And the druggist has a solution: a completely undetectable poison.  Yet the sagacious old chemist has a twist in store for Sangstrom that would make Chubby Checker blanch.  Director George Vatistas’s topsy-turvy morality tale delivers a sly sense of poetic justice.
Cast: Robert W. Smith, Daniel Mitura, C.J. Gelfand, Teddy Kalin | Director: George Vatistas | Writers: Frederic Brown (Short Story Author), George Vatistas (Adapted by) | Producer: David E. Munz Maire

How Deep Can I Go?
Music Video | 5 minutes
Let’s face it: when you get past the crooning and swooning a lot of love songs are just plain creepy, like in stalker creepy.  But then, as this music video proves, even stalkers have their creative (and hilarious!) side.  The HHM programmers watched this one about a dozen times and laughed harder every time.
Cast, Writer, Director, Producer: Kai Smythe

Killer Spacemen From Outer Planet X
Sci-fi, Comedy | 17 minutes
A spaceship crew, a faraway planet, an alien race.  It sounds like the makings for an episode of The Outer Limits, which is precisely the cheap 1960s sci-fi vibe this spot-on parody is shooting for.  Fans of latex-and-foil jumpsuits, hubcap wall hangings, and perfectly clichéd dialogue will eat this up.
Cast: Ranin Brown, Sarah Kennedy, Dalton Slade Kimball, Thomas Ian Campbell, Patrick Molloy | Directors: Peter Campbell, Thomas Campbell | Writer: Thomas Campbell

Pet Monkey
Comedy, Thriller | 9 minutes
A couple’s quiet TV night is disrupted when Terry floats the idea of adopting a pet a little too proximate on the evolutionary ladder.  Soon, Gwen is running a gauntlet of banana peels through the hallway.  Eric Maira’s short is as charming, amusing, and oddly disturbing as one of those old-timey, cymbal-banging monkey toys.
Cast: Sky Elobar, Diana Kolsky | Writer & Director: Eric Maira | Producer: Bri Merkel

Thriller | 14 minutes
Sarah and Zach are not your typical couple.  Their home is a makeshift shelter in the woods, their meals consist of reheated dog food, and their days are spent tracking down predators – mostly, the two-legged kind.  Love story meets zombie apocalypse in this exquisitely crafted short from Australian helmsman Jordan Prosser.
Cast: Anna Samson, Tim Ross, Tim Ferris, Tegan Crowley | Writer & Director: Jordan Prosser | Producer: Steven McKinnon

Two Guys
Black Comedy | 13 minutes
Two roommates pursue artistry and make increasingly poor decisions.
Cast: Matthew Christian, Michael Patrick Kane | Director: Mike Kohlbrenner | Writers: Michael Patrick Kane, Mike Kohlbrenner



September 29, 2017
10:15 PM - 11:45 PM
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