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Michigan Shorts Program

September 30, 2017 @ 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Scheduled to Attend: Josh Maday, Jeff Vande Zande (The Artist’s Statement, Trample Tino) | Benjamin Armes, John Simpkins, Mary Hourani, Brad Finegan (Goatism) | Aaron Thompson, Noel Fletcher (Gut Instinct)

The Artist’s Statement
Drama | 2 minutes
Sometimes an artist longs to see his work again.
Cast: Josh Maday | Director: Jeff Vande Zande

Blow Job
Animation, Comedy | 4 minutes
Despite the suggestive title, this film from animator Robert Hemlich merely shows that those inflatable dancing noodles outside strip malls (variously known as windymen, sky guys, and breezy geezers) can make for a charmingly innocent little love story.  That said, one must admit that they do bear certain phallic properties.
Director: Robert Hemlich


Animation, Experimental | 5 minutes
This short from the Ypsi 24-hour film shootout demonstrates the chaotic inventiveness such beat-the-clock festivals can foster.  With a makeup kit full of duct tape mustaches, Ben Armes plays a professor living out his own pepperoni pizza theory of the universe.
Cast: Benjamin Armes, John Simpkins | Director: Benjamin Armes | Writers & Producers: Benjamin Armes, Mary Hourani


Gut Instinct
Drama, Delta College Digital Film Program | 10 minutes
World Premiere
We never know what might become of our kindness to strangers.
Cast: Noel Fletcher, Seth Mohr, Steven Holty | Director: Aaron Thompson | Writer: Christopher Williams (original story) | Principal Crew: Ben Barrett, Aaron Thompson, Dan Norwood, Seth Mohr, Dan Norwood, Rhy Chermside


Liquid Ambition
Action, Comedy | 12 minutes
Fueled by repeated rounds of pints, four friends who’ve seen one too many Tarantino movies plan a heist and live it out (sort of) from the safety of their barstools.  Jeff Hildebrant’s short showcases a host of local talent.
Cast: Neil Warner, Natalie Slawnyk, Matt Kehoe, Krzystof Abbas, Alex Alexandrou | Writer & Director: Jeff Hildebrant | Producers: Jeff Hildebrant, Tammie Stimpfel


Psychological Thriller | 5 minutes
The best shorts constantly keep viewers on their toes.  This Colchester 60 Hour Challenge entry from writer-director-actors Nick Gascho and Brittany Dunn grabs us with its foreboding opening image of a man locked in a basement and doesn’t let go until its final seconds.
Cast: Brittany Dunn, Nicholas Gascho |  Director: Nicholas Gascho | Writers: Nicholas Gascho, Brittany Dunn | Producers: Brittany Dunn, Nicholas Gascho, Dan Schippers, Rob Kenagy


Lowdown, Up Above
Comedy, Drama | 12 minutes
Mike and Jack share a complex rapport that constantly leaves Mike feeling a little shorted.  This time Jack may have gone too far, but will Mike have the nerve to confront him?  A subtle take on the cruelty concealed within many close friendships.
Cast: Dylan Maxey, Graham Techler, Renee Willoughby, Malcolm Young, Dustin Alpern, Anthony Kalil, Ashley Hennen | Writer & Director: Bailey Tom Bailey | Producers: Dustin Alpern, Natividad Uehara


One Good Deed
Sci-Fi, Delta College Digital Film Program
World Premiere
Two women left behind after the rapture form an unlikely friendship.
Director: Natalie Schwartz | Principal Crew: Alexis Brennan, Kaytlyn Chartier, Rachel Enge


Red Skies
Horror, Sci-Fi | 9 minutes
This wordless short starts out as a meditation on the quiet melancholy of packing one’s belongings for a move.  But its nameless main character has more in store than he knows.  A sneaky shocker from Michigan auteur Bret Miller.
Cast: Chris Kotcher | Writer & Director: Bret Miller Producer: Patrick Dowdle, Bret Miller, Nick Stachurski, Victor Lord


Drama, Fantasy | 8 minutes
In this film’s universe, health care has progressed to the point where even the world’s darkest outsiders are cared for.  But it ends up that all lives are tenuous – an ill-placed splinter could still kill such a creature – and that on its death bed, such a creature would crave the company of loved ones just like anyone else.
Cast: Jenna Pall, Mark Colson, Rico Bruce Wade | Writer & Director: Curtis Matzke | Producer: Patrick Mack


Trample Tino
Drama | 7 minutes
Training in at any job has its ups and downs, even for a would-be hitman.
Cast: Josh Maday and Max Vande Zande | Director: Jeff Vande Zande



September 30, 2017
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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