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Saturday Shorts Program

September 30, 2017 @ 4:30 PM - 6:15 PM


The Mess He Made
Drama, LGBT | 10 minutes
Jude’s got all of 15 minutes to wait for the results of his rapid HIV test, yet it seems interminable.  He smokes a cigarette, buys a few groceries, gets a parking ticket, and takes a couple of phone calls that give us all the insight we need into the title of this taut micro-drama written and directed by Matthew Puccini.
Cast: Max Jenkins | Writer & Director: Matthew Puccini | Producer: Tyler Rabinowitz

Drama, Comedy | 6 minutes
Zachary Neon is riding high.  He’s sure that he’ll make sales manager by the end of the year, until the company lawyer shows up at his doorstep and informs him that he’s been terminated.  Zach’s reduced to one word indicated by the film’s title.  Plug the kids’ ears for this one.
Cast: Ben Lamm, Brian Childers and Susan Moss | Directors: Rob Tiffin, Ben Lamm, Mitchell Hardage | Writers: Rob Tiffin, Ben Lamm

Valencia Road
Drama | 7 minutes
A chance encounter between two women, one of them in dire circumstances, serves as a reminder of the difficulty of offering compassion and comfort to those we cannot truly help.  Logan George directs this stunning miniature.
Cast: Celine Held, Mia Vallet |  Writer: Celine Held | Director: Logan George | Producers: Celine Held, Logan George

Drama | 6 minutes
HHM Jury Nomination: Best Short Film
Starting one’s day by swimming laps can be tedious and exhausting.  Braving a crowded subway car can be equally hard, especially if you’re a young woman living in the city with the constant threat of unwanted contact.  Charlotte Wells’ vignette of a disturbing casual sexual assault is filmed almost entirely in extreme close-ups, making it all the more claustrophobic.
Cast: Thea Duncan Brooks | Writer & Director: Charlotte Wells | Producer: Joy Jorgensen

Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking Same
Comedy | 17 minutes
This amiable little sex comedy from HHM veteran Kirsten Russell plays on intercultural stereotypes as an uptight French couple visits a pair of downtown New York hipsters for an Internet-arranged foursome.  After strip quarters and liberal quantities of Jim Beam and PBR, the naked truth emerges.
Cast: Celine Perra, Roger Contebardo, Marcel Simoneau, Kirsten Russell | Writer: Kirsten Russell | Directors & Producers: Kirsten Russell, Marcel Simoneau

For Flint
Documentary | 18 minutes
“Resilient” is a word that comes up often in descriptions of Flint, a city that has faced high crime, industrial decline, and an inexcusable water crisis yet somehow keeps on keeping on.  Brian Shulz’s documentary highlights Flint’s tenacity through the stories of three residents: an artist, a community educator, and a reformed drug dealer.
Director: Brian Schulz | Producers: Brian Schulz, Matthew C. Mills

Drama | 15 minutes
What’s the sexiest cartoon animal?  That’s the sort of silly conversation topic that only comes up between siblings.  But in times of need such conversations can be the greatest salve.  Dana Shihadah’s film shows the healing power of sisterhood when a young woman receives a devastating diagnosis.
Cast: Angie Campbell, Erika Sorenson | Writer & Director Producer: Dana Shihadah

Comedy | 10 minutes
The robotics revolution opens whole new horizons for kinky sex.  In Anne Hu’s satirical take on Americans’ hyper-sexualization of East Asian culture, Eliza gets a nifty new gizmo to spice up her relationship with Thomas that looks suspiciously like a Japanese dominatrix.  But Thomas is a mild-medium sort of guy.
Cast: Daniella Rabbani, Thomas Dane, Anne Hu | Writer & Director: Anne Hu | Producer: Victoria Negri

Le Creuset
Comedy | 8 minutes
“What’s the fun of sneaking around without sneaking around?” Michelle asks Dave.  Dave thinks he’s getting away with something with Michelle’s friend Jennifer, but Michelle’s hiding Jennifer’s husband Hank in the bedroom.  Then there’s the babysitter, and the mailman, and … if this sounds fun to you, take a number.
Cast: Sheila Joon, Jamie Effros, Stacie Capone, Walker Hare | Writer & Director: Don Downie | Producers: Stacie Capone, Taylor Thompson, Nathan Breton



September 30, 2017
4:30 PM - 6:15 PM
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