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Big Bear (film)

State Theatre 913 Washington Ave, Bay City

Joe’s buddies have set the stage for a gonzo bachelor party with a cabin in the mountains and plenty of beer, but Joe arrives with the ultimate buzzkill: his fiancée has dumped him for another dude.  To cheer him up, Joe’s posse gets the bright idea of kidnapping the dude and tying him up in […]


Delta College Planetarium 100 Center Ave, Bay City

After the sudden loss of a family member, three suburban siblings struggle to move forward. This sparsely scripted film is occasionally (and oddly) narrated by the family dog, Leadbelly, challenging us to make sense of its tragic circumstances along with its central characters. A stylish, intelligent, surprising debut from Anna Nilles and Marco Jake. Drama, […]

Fits and Starts

State Theatre 913 Washington Ave, Bay City

Jennifer and David aren’t exactly a New York power couple.  While Jennifer’s star has risen with her first novel’s publication, her partner and literary mentor David has struggled in her shadows.  When the two get separated on the way to a publisher’s salon in the suburbs, David is left to fend for himself amongst a […]