HHM Jury Nominations for Best Short Film 

Friday Shorts Program
The Robbery

Saturday Shorts Program

Sunday Shorts Program
Greetings From Kropsdam

Friday Shorts Program

September 29 @ 2:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Delta College Planetarium [GET TICKETS]

The Witching Hour
Family Comedy, Thriller 13 minutes

The only thing scarier than ghosts and goblins to a 12-year-old boy is girls, but this Halloween, George might leave all those fears behind thanks to a cute little witch who lives across the street.  A delightfully spooky story of puppy love from first time writer-director Riley Geis.

Cast: Maddox Henry, Amber Romero | Writer & Director: Riley Geis | Co-Producers: Desirae Whalen & Anabel Boyanova

Cab Elvis
Documentary | 10 minutes

Hop in a taxi with Seattle cabbie and Elvis-impersonator Dave Groh, who fought the city for the right to share Elvis’s “reservoir of love” with his riders.  Dave channeled the King a little too zealously, getting addicted to crack and moving to Hawaii for seven years, but eventually returned to Seattle and managed to avoid dying on the throne.

Cast: Dave Groh | Director & Producer: Andrew Franks | Recently Screened At: Seattle International Film Festival, 13th BendFilm Festival, SF Shorts

Uncle Silas
Drama | 15 minutes

The joy of new life comes up against the anger and guilt of addiction when the mother of a newborn is visited by her troubled younger brother.  Costars Kevin Kane and Sayra Player (Player also wrote and directed) give bravura performances that run the gamut of emotions in this heartbreaking short.

Cast: Kevin Kane, Sayra Player | Directors: Sayra Player, Rebecca Brillhart | Writer: Sayra Player | Producers: Rebecca Brillhart, Rich Pecci | Recently Screened At: SOHO International Film Festival (Best Lead Actress in a Short), Albuquerque Film & Music Experience (Jury Prize), Miami Independent Film Festival

The Good Mother
Comedy, Foreign Language (Spanish) | 6 minutes

This political comedy for the post-2016 era directed by Sarah Clift conjures an alternate reality where demagogic politicians are full of candy instead of crap, as a Mexican madre searches far and wide for the piñata her little niño has his heart set on.

Cast: Monica del Carmen, Abraham Espíndola, Fermín Martínez, Mary Paz Mata, Luis Eduardo Yee, Ángel Garnica, Rupert Degas | Writer & Director: Sarah Clift Producers: Jorge Aguilera, Alejandro Saevich, Vanessa Hernandez, Sarah Clift | Recently Screened At: Standing Rock Festival (People’s Choice Award), LA Comedy Short Film Festival, The Broad Humour Festival

Psychological Thriller | 18 minutes

HHM Jury Nomination: Best Short Film

The challenge of doing a heist film without a word of dialogue is only half the fun of this taut, precise short from Spanish director David Moreno.  The silence of the film and its characters ends up offering a loud and clear lesson in empathy and human potential.

Cast: Álex Villazán, Sergio Torrico, Juan Pablo Shuk, Sonia Almarcha, Luis Perezagua, Juan Carlos Muñoz | Writer & Director: David Moreno | Producers: David Moreno, Raquel Pedreira  | Recently Screened At: Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo 2016, Porto7 Festival de Cortometrajes de Porto (honorable mention by jury), WatchOut! Film Festival (Best Short Film)

Time Is a Place
Fantasy | 8 minutes

“I want a dream lover, so I don’t have to dream alone,” Bobby Darin sang.  Tim Nakashi’s intriguing fantasy-romance literalizes such desires by following two secret lovers through a hyper-lucid slumberland.  It’s all fun and games until one of them awakens.

Cast: Kerry Knuppe, Nick Heyman, Time Winters, Blaine Vedros | Writer & Director: Tim Nackashi | Producers: Dustin Highbridge, Jefferis Gray | Recently Screened At: LA Shorts

Psychological Thriller | 15 minutes

A normal party, except everyone seems ready to stab everyone else in the back.  A normal couple, except they argue in six languages.  A normal home, except there’s a bugging device inside baby’s teddy bear.  This tense spy short has the makings of a great feature from the team that produced 2014 HHM entry Before I Disappear.

Cast: Shawn Christensen, Phoebe Tonkin, Michael Drayer, Christina Brucato | Director: Damon Russell | Writers: Shawn Christensen, Damon Russell | Producers: Brenden Hubbard, Shawn Christensen | Recently Screened At: Tribeca Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival

The Robbery
Dark Comedy | 10 minutes

HHM Jury Nomination: Best Short Film

Warning: do not smoke crack in the backseat of your Uber.  You may be tempted to pull a convenience store robbery to pay for your beloved dog’s vet bill, which would be a very bad idea, as Crystal finds out in this brilliant single-take short from Jim Cummings.  Appreciate cha!

Cast: Rae Gray, Pj McCabe | Writers: Jim Cummings, Dustin Hahn | Director: Jim Cummings | Producer: Natalie Metzger | Recently Screened At: Sundance, Cleveland International Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival

Late Night Shorts

September 29 @ 10:15 PM11:45 PM
Scottish Rite Cathedral [GET TICKETS]

Alien Grounds
Sci-Fi | 10 minutes

World Festival Premiere

As Rebecca pecks at a typewriter, Jack dictates from his push-button car phone.  His story of an encounter on an unknown planet turns real as he runs headlong into his own close encounter.  A trippy retro sci-fi metal music video from French filmmaker Sebastien Antoine.

Cast: Yan Tual, Dan Bronchinson, Victoria Cyr | Writer & Director: Sébastien Antoine

The Barber’s Cut
Horror Comedy | 12 minutes

Talk about demon barbers!  This one’s a mad scientist with two reanimated severed heads stashed away in a fridge in his basement. They’re none too happy to be separated from their bodies, so they’ve hatched an escape plan. Hijinks ensue in this horror comedy about a haircutter who takes a little too much off the top.

Cast: Lewis Georgeson, Alisa Arnah, David Whitford | Writer & Director: Mark Brocking | Producers: Mark Brocking, Caitlin Moore | Recently Screened At: Fright Night Film Fest (Best Foreign Comedy Short), MAC Festival – Brazil, Terror Film Festival

Demonoid 1971 (English Dub)
Horror, Comedy | 16 minutes

This recently rediscovered Mexican horror classic tells the story of a group of friends on a camping trip who become possessed by an Aztec demon.  It is one of the lesser known films of Juan F. Moctezuma, a reclusive Mexican auteur who mysteriously disappeared shortly after the film’s release.  Or not … either way it’s pretty great.

Cast: Antonio Monroi, Adrian Rodriguez, Valentina Magaña, Sergio Rogalto, Gabi Mayorga | Writer & Director: Alaric S. Rocha | Producers: Elliott Lonsdale, Alaric S. Rocha | Recently Screened At: Seattle International Film Festival, Silver Scream Festival (Best Horror/Comedy Short), Dances with Films

Satire, Dark Comedy | 9 minutes

Despite the Durkee-Mower company’s best efforts to market it as a viable complement to peanut butter, many kids are forbidden by their parents from eating Marshmallow Fluff.  Stephen and Clyde are among those kids; in fact, their Mom is a stickler for nutrition.  But everything else is a little off in their household.

Cast: Samia Akudo, David Schallipp, Matthew Schallipp | Writers & Directors: Adam R. Brown, Kyle I. Kelley | Producer: Victoria Negri | Recently Screened At: Nitehawk Shorts Festival, Lower East Side Film Festival

The Hobbyist
Thriller | 9 minutes

Mr. Sangstrom has a problem: he wants to murder his wife.  And the druggist has a solution: a completely undetectable poison.  Yet the sagacious old chemist has a twist in store for Sangstrom that would make Chubby Checker blanch.  Director George Vatistas’s topsy-turvy morality tale delivers a sly sense of poetic justice.

Cast: Robert W. Smith, Daniel Mitura, C.J. Gelfand, Teddy Kalin | Director: George Vatistas | Writers: Frederic Brown (Short Story Author), George Vatistas (Adapted by) | Producer: David E. Munz Maire | Recently Screened At: Mediterranean Film Festival (Best Fantasy), Cleveland International Film Festival, Dances with Films

How Deep Can I Go?
Music Video | 5 minutes

Let’s face it: when you get past the crooning and swooning a lot of love songs are just plain creepy, like in stalker creepy.  But then, as this music video proves, even stalkers have their creative (and hilarious!) side.  The HHM programmers watched this one about a dozen times and laughed harder every time.

Cast, Writer, Director, Producer: Kai Smythe | Recently Screened At: GeekFest Film Fest at Dallas Comic Con (Best Music Video), Dead By Dawn Horror Film Festival, Peninsula Short Film Fest (Best Film)

Killer Spacemen From Outer Planet X
Sci-fi, Comedy | 17 minutes

A spaceship crew, a faraway planet, an alien race.  It sounds like the makings for an episode of The Outer Limits, which is precisely the cheap 1960s sci-fi vibe this spot-on parody is shooting for.  Fans of latex-and-foil jumpsuits, hubcap wall hangings, and perfectly clichéd dialogue will eat this up.

Cast: Ranin Brown, Sarah Kennedy, Dalton Slade Kimball, Thomas Ian Campbell, Patrick Molloy | Directors: Peter Campbell, Thomas Campbell | Writer: Thomas Campbell | Recently Screened At: Oxford Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show, Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

Pet Monkey
Comedy, Thriller | 9 minutes

A couple’s quiet TV night is disrupted when Terry floats the idea of adopting a pet a little too proximate on the evolutionary ladder.  Soon, Gwen is running a gauntlet of banana peels through the hallway.  Eric Maira’s short is as charming, amusing, and oddly disturbing as one of those old-timey, cymbal-banging monkey toys.

Cast: Sky Elobar, Diana Kolsky | Writer & Director: Eric Maira | Producer: Bri Merkel  | Recently Screened At: Cleveland International Film Festival, Palm Springs International ShortFest, New York No Limits Film Series

Thriller | 14 minutes

Sarah and Zach are not your typical couple.  Their home is a makeshift shelter in the woods, their meals consist of reheated dog food, and their days are spent tracking down predators – mostly, the two-legged kind.  Love story meets zombie apocalypse in this exquisitely crafted short from Australian helmsman Jordan Prosser.  

Cast: Tim Ross, Anna Samson, Tim Ferris, Tegan Crowley | Writer & Director: Jordan Prosser | Producer: Steven McKinnon | Recently Screened At: St Kilda Film Festival, Monster Fest, and the ReelGood Film Festival

Two Guys
Black Comedy | 13 minutes

Two roommates pursue artistry and make increasingly poor decisions.

Cast: Matthew Christian, Michael Patrick Kane | Director: Mike Kohlbrenner | Writers: Michael Patrick Kane, Mike Kohlbrenner

Michigan Shorts

September 30 @ 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Scottish Rite Cathedral, 614 Center Ave [GET TICKETS]

The Artist’s Statement
Drama | 2 minutes

Sometimes an artist longs to see his work again.

Cast: Josh Maday | Writer & Director: Jeff Vande Zande | Screening At: Devil’s Night Gallery Season 2, A Film + Art Event

Scheduled to Attend: Josh Maday, Jeff Vande Zande

Blow Job
Animation, Comedy | 4 minutes

Despite the suggestive title, this film from animator Robert Hemlich merely shows that those inflatable dancing noodles outside strip malls (variously known as windymen, sky guys, and breezy geezers) can make for a charmingly innocent little love story.  That said, one must admit that they do bear certain phallic properties.

Director: Robert Hemlich |  Recently Screened At: DePaul University Premiere Film Festival

Animation, Experimental | 5 minutes

This short from the Ypsi 24-hour film shootout demonstrates the chaotic inventiveness such beat-the-clock festivals can foster.  With a makeup kit full of duct tape mustaches, Ben Armes plays a professor living out his own pepperoni pizza theory of the universe.

Cast: Benjamin Armes, John Simpkins | Director: Benjamin Armes | Writers & Producers: Benjamin Armes, Mary Hourani | Recently Screened At: Made-in-Michigan Film Festival, Vidlings & Tapeheads

Scheduled to Attend: Benjamin Armes, John Simpkins, Mary Hourani, Brad Finegan

Gut Instinct
Drama, Delta College Digital Film Program | 10 minutes

World Premiere

We never know what might become of our kindness to strangers.

Cast: Noel Fletcher, Seth Mohr, Steven Holty | Director: Aaron Thompson | Writer: Christopher Williams (original story) | Principal Crew: Ben Barrett, Aaron Thompson, Dan Norwood, Seth Mohr, Dan Norwood, Rhy Chermside

Scheduled to Attend: Aaron Thompson, Noel Fletcher

Liquid Ambition
Action, Comedy | 12 minutes

World Premiere

Fueled by repeated rounds of pints, four friends who’ve seen one too many Tarantino movies plan a heist and live it out (sort of) from the safety of their barstools.  Jeff Hildebrant’s short showcases a host of local talent.

Cast: Neil Warner, Natalie Slawnyk, Matt Kehoe, Krzystof Abbas, Alex Alexandrou | Writer & Director: Jeff Hildebrant | Producers: Jeff Hildebrant, Tammie Stimpfel

Psychological Thriller | 5 minutes

The best shorts constantly keep viewers on their toes.  This Colchester 60 Hour Challenge entry from writer-director-actors Nick Gascho and Brittany Dunn grabs us with its foreboding opening image of a man locked in a basement and doesn’t let go until its final seconds.

Cast: Brittany Dunn, Nicholas Gascho |  Director: Nicholas Gascho | Writers: Nicholas Gascho, Brittany Dunn | Producers: Brittany Dunn, Nicholas Gascho, Dan Schippers, Rob Kenagy | Recently Screened At: Saugatuck Shorts Film Festival (Audience Favorite), Made-In-Michigan Film Festival, East Lansing Film Festival

Lowdown, Up Above
Comedy, Drama | 12 minutes

Mike and Jack share a complex rapport that constantly leaves Mike feeling a little shorted.  This time Jack may have gone too far, but will Mike have the nerve to confront him?  A subtle take on the cruelty concealed within many close friendships.

Cast: Dylan Maxey, Graham Techler, Renee Willoughby, Malcolm Young, Dustin Alpern, Anthony Kalil, Ashley Hennen | Writer & Director: Bailey Tom Bailey | Producers: Dustin Alpern, Natividad Uehara | Recently Screened At: Cannes

One Good Deed

One Good Deed
Sci-Fi, Delta College Digital Film Program | 10 minutes

World Premiere

Two women left behind after the rapture form an unlikely friendship.

Cast: Gloria Heye, Alexandra Mcmath | Director: Natalie Schwartz | Writer: Olivia Collier | Principle Crew: Alexis Brennan, Kaytlyn Chartier, Rachel Enge

Red Skies
Horror, Sci-Fi | 9 minutes

This wordless short starts out as a meditation on the quiet melancholy of packing one’s belongings for a move.  But its nameless main character has more in store than he knows.  A sneaky shocker from Michigan auteur Bret Miller.

Cast: Chris Kotcher | Writer & Director: Bret Miller Producer: Patrick Dowdle, Bret Miller, Nick Stachurski, Victor Lord | Recently Screened At: Capital City Film Festival, Paris International Fantastic Film Festival, Bloodstained Indie Film Festival (scariest scene)

Drama, Fantasy | 8 minutes

In this film’s universe, health care has progressed to the point where even the world’s darkest outsiders are cared for.  But it ends up that all lives are tenuous – an ill-placed splinter could still kill such a creature – and that on its death bed, such a creature would crave the company of loved ones just like anyone else.

Cast: Jenna Pall, Mark Colson, Rico Bruce Wade | Writer & Director: Curtis Matzke | Producer: Patrick Mack | Recently Screened At: Reno-Tahoe International Film Festival

Trample Tino
7 minutes

Training in at any job has its ups and downs, even for a would-be hitman.

Cast: Josh Maday and Max Vande Zande | Director: Jeff Vande Zande | Recently Screened At: sunrise45 Alpena Film Festival

Scheduled to Attend: Josh Maday, Jeff Vande Zande

Saturday Shorts Program

September 30 @ 4:30 PM – 6:15 PM
State Theatre [GET TICKETS]

The Mess He Made
Drama, LGBT | 10 minutes

Jude’s got all of 15 minutes to wait for the results of his rapid HIV test, yet it seems interminable.  He smokes a cigarette, buys a few groceries, gets a parking ticket, and takes a couple of phone calls that give us all the insight we need into the title of this taut micro-drama written and directed by Matthew Puccini.

Cast: Max Jenkins | Writer & Director: Matthew Puccini | Producer: Tyler Rabinowitz

Drama, Comedy | 6 minutes

Zachary Neon is riding high.  He’s sure that he’ll make sales manager by the end of the year, until the company lawyer shows up at his doorstep and informs him that he’s been terminated.  Zach’s reduced to one word indicated by the film’s title.  Plug the kids’ ears for this one.

Cast: Ben Lamm, Brian Childers and Susan Moss | Directors: Rob Tiffin, Ben Lamm, Mitchell Hardage | Writers: Rob Tiffin, Ben Lamm | Recently Screened At: Dam Short Film Festival, Milledgeville Film Festival

Valencia Road
Drama | 7 minutes

A chance encounter between two women, one of them in dire circumstances, serves as a reminder of the difficulty of offering compassion and comfort to those we cannot truly help.  Logan George directs this stunning miniature.

Cast: Celine Held, Mia Vallet |  Writer: Celine Held | Director: Logan George | Producers: Celine Held, Logan George  | Recently Screened At: Lisbon International Film Festival (Best of Fest), Boston Underground Film Festival, Vail Film Festival

Drama | 6 minutes

HHM Jury Nomination: Best Short Film

Starting one’s day by swimming laps can be tedious and exhausting.  Braving a crowded subway car can be equally hard, especially if you’re a young woman living in the city with the constant threat of unwanted contact.  Charlotte Wells’ vignette of a disturbing casual sexual assault is filmed almost entirely in extreme close-ups, making it all the more claustrophobic.

Cast: Thea Duncan Brooks | Writer & Director: Charlotte Wells | Producer: Joy Jorgensen | Recently Screened At: Sundance, SXSW, Nashvile Film Festival

Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking Same
Comedy | 17 minutes

This amiable little sex comedy from HHM veteran Kirsten Russell plays on intercultural stereotypes as an uptight French couple visits a pair of downtown New York hipsters for an Internet-arranged foursome.  After strip quarters and liberal quantities of Jim Beam and PBR, the naked truth emerges.

Cast: Celine Perra, Roger Contebardo, Marcel Simoneau, Kirsten Russell | Writer: Kirsten Russell | Directors & Producers: Kirsten Russell, Marcel Simoneau | Recently Screened At: NY Shorts Fest, Emerge Film Festival, CineKink NYC

For Flint
Documentary | 18 minutes

“Resilient” is a word that comes up often in descriptions of Flint, a city that has faced high crime, industrial decline, and an inexcusable water crisis yet somehow keeps on keeping on.  Brian Shulz’s documentary highlights Flint’s tenacity through the stories of three residents: an artist, a community educator, and a reformed drug dealer.

Director: Brian Schulz | Producers: Brian Schulz, Matthew C. Mills | Recently Screened At: Tribeca Film Festival, Melbourne Documenatry Film Festival (Best International Short Documentary), Mountainfilm

Drama | 15 minutes

What’s the sexiest cartoon animal?  That’s the sort of silly conversation topic that only comes up between siblings.  But in times of need such conversations can be the greatest salve.  Dana Shihadah’s film shows the healing power of sisterhood when a young woman receives a devastating diagnosis.

Cast: Angie Campbell, Erika Sorenson | Writer & Director Producer: Dana Shihadah | Recently Screened At: Milwaukee Film Festival, Twister Alley Film Festival (Jury Best Short Award), Nevada Women’s Film Festival

Comedy | 10 minutes

The robotics revolution opens whole new horizons for kinky sex.  In Anne Hu’s satirical take on Americans’ hyper-sexualization of East Asian culture, Eliza gets a nifty new gizmo to spice up her relationship with Thomas that looks suspiciously like a Japanese dominatrix.  But Thomas is a mild-medium sort of guy.

Cast: Daniella Rabbani, Thomas Dane, Anne Hu | Writer & Director: Anne Hu | Producer: Victoria Negri | Recently Screened At: Cleveland International Film Festival, DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival (Jury Award Sardonic Lampoon)

Le Creuset
Comedy | 8 minutes

“What’s the fun of sneaking around without sneaking around?” Michelle asks Dave.  Dave thinks he’s getting away with something with Michelle’s friend Jennifer, but Michelle’s hiding Jennifer’s husband Hank in the bedroom.  Then there’s the babysitter, and the mailman, and … if this sounds fun to you, take a number.

Cast: Sheila Joon, Jamie Effros, Stacie Capone, Walker Hare | Writer & Director: Don Downie | Producers: Stacie Capone, Taylor Thompson, Nathan Breton | Recently Screened At: Lighthouse International Film Festival, Cayman International Film Festival

Sunday Shorts Program

October 1 @ 2:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Delta College Planetarium [GET TICKETS]

Romance, Technology | 14 minutes

World Premiere

Big data has revolutionized the way we decide what movies to watch, what restaurants to eat at, and what mouthwash to buy … why not our romantic partners?  In Jack Marchetti’s short, a Facebook engineer uses profile data to create a hyper-accurate predictive model of romantic compatibility.  But will he release it on the world?

Cast: John Kroft, Robin Rose Singer | Director: Jack Marchetti | Writers: Jack Marchetti, Brian Marchetti | Producers: Robin Rose Singer, Ruya Koman, Heather DiPietro

Comedy, Foreign Language (Dutch, French) | 11 minutes

HHM Jury Nomination: Best Short Film

A spoetnik, it seems, is a kabob-like skewer of meatballs and onions originating in the Limburg province of the Netherlands.  It is also a not-so-subtle phallic symbol in this quirky comedy from Dutch director Noël Loozen, in which a young food truck worker and a prostitute find love in the shadow of an isolated brothel.

Cast: Jiri Loozen, Jiri Loozen, Michel van Dousselaere | Writer & Director: Noël Loozen | Producers: Gijs Kerbosch, Gijs Determeijer, Roel Oude Nijhuis | Recently Screened At: Netherlands Film Festival, Quebec City Film Festival (Grand Jury Prize), Palm Springs International ShortFest

Drama | 12 minutes

Jude suffers from a strange affliction in which he feels the entire world shaking.  Jude’s neighbor Kenny is just as cut off from the world as he is.  Jason Fitzgerald’s film follows two characters with nothing in common except their own isolation who, in coming together, help to make each other feel a little less lonely.  

Cast: Will Kelly, Sharnee Tones | Writer & Director: Jason Fitzgerald | Producers: Brenton Pinsent, Jason Fitzgerald, Will Kelly | Recently Screened At: Brisbane Backyard Film Festival, Mosaic World Film Festival, West End Film Festival (Audience Award Best Film)

Greetings From Kropsdam
Black Comedy, Foreign Language (Dutch) | 24 minutes

HHM Jury Nomination: Best Short Film

Lammert is a mild-mannered farmer who breeds pigeons and leads a simple life, until he makes the mistake of accepting a piece of cake at a forum held by a wind turbine company.  Soon the NIMBY locals turn on Lammert like a mob at the gates of Dr. Frankenstein.  A dry-witted lesson in scapegoating from Dutch director Joren Molter.

Cast: Jesper Olyve, Trijnie Naber, Jasper Groeneveld | Director: Joren Molter | Writer: Britt Snel | Producers: Miel van Welzen, Jesper Olyve | Recently Screened At: Netherlands Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Palm Springs International ShortFest

Dark Comedy, Romance | 15 minutes

This voiceover-driven romantic comedy has a little bit of an Annie Hall vibe, except that the protagonist is a secretly murderous wallflower, the love interest is a cocaine-addled party girl, and the ending, strangely enough, is a lot happier.  Twenty-five-year-old wunderkind Will Cuddy directs.

Cast: Jack Strom, Em Lew | Director: Will Cuddy | Writers: Sam Stites, Will Cuddy, Zach Feiner, Jeffrey Janoff | Producers: Will Cuddy, Jeffrey Janoff, Zach Feiner | Recently Screened At: Oregon Independent Film Festival (Best Comedic Short), Bend Film Festival, Portland Comedy Film Festival

Psychological Thriller, Foreign Language (Spanish) | 7 minutes

This searing vignette from Spanish filmmaker Amanda Álvarez Díaz presents two women trapped in the windowless basement of their abductor.  When an opportunity to escape presents itself, we are forced to fathom the tragedy of those enslaved so long that they can hardly imagine freedom.

Cast: Eva López, Milena Cañas, Klaus | Director: Amanda Álvarez Díaz | Writer: Milena Cañas | Producers: Milena Cañas, María Jara, Yery Bermúdez | Recently Screened At: Toyama International Film Festival, Hakker Short Film Festival, Lionshead Film Festival (Best Foreign Drama Short)

Off Track Betty
Drama | 19 minutes

The off-track betting parlor was a fixture of New York street life in the 1970s.  There’s a shell of one right downstairs from the dilapidated Lower East Side walkup that Betty has called home since the OTB’s heyday.  She stalks the gentrified neighborhood like a ghost, until an unexpected visitor brings memories rushing back.  Beautifully shot by Clayton Dean Smith with a bravura performance by Diana Ciesla.

Cast: Diane Ciesla, Corwin C. Tuggles, Brooke Sunny Moriber, James Cavanagh Burke, Lawrence Ballard | Writer & Director: Clayton Dean Smith | Producers: Clayton Dean Smith, Liz Ortiz-Mackes, Thomas A. Stark | Recently Screened At: Brooklyn Film Festival (Audience Award: Best Short), Bend Film Festival, Tallgrass Film Festival (Jury Award: Best in Category)

Scheduled to Attend: Clayton Dean Smith

The Candidate
Comedy | 6 minutes

Jenna and Anne are auditioning another candidate.  Their expectations are a little high but this guy appears to have it all.  The nature and outcome of the interview are best left unspoiled in this hilarious, spot-on short directed by Michael Hilf.

Cast: Blaire Baron, Robin McDonald, Will Gressman | Director: Michael Hilf | Writers & Producers: Blaire Baron , Robin McDonald | Recently Screened At: Cleveland International Film Festival (Honorable Mention), Tampa Bay International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Dances with Film