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Why Sponsor Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival?

In supporting HHM Fest, your business name will be exposed to crowds of filmgoers doing something they enjoy – watching movies! On average, a festivalgoer will attend at least 4 film screenings after reviewing the program schedule and/or website. In addition to the program and website, Hell’s Half Mile has standard or custom opportunities for exposure including signage, announcements before screenings, radio advertising, film intro logo or listing, banners, postcard, product displays, etc.

Fun in the Fall

Mid-Michigan is full of wonderful summertime events, but after Labor Day our fall offerings can be slim. This is a great way to stay “out-and-about” during our great fall weather!

Celebrate Bay City's history!

Bay City has a long history of lively entertainment (search online for Hell’s Half Mile, our namesake) that the festival always tries to embody. Legally, that is!

Our Mission & Our Community

Hell’s Half Mile Events is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and expanding the art of independent film, music, and entertainment. We strive to exceed expectations, while inspiring our community to participate in the arts.

Always something new

Every year brings a new group of films, filmmakers, and bands. There’s always something new to experience <BR>(and talk about).

International recognition

Filmmakers from around the world submit and screen films at Hell’s Half Mile! From Australia to England to Germany, HHM is on the radar of indie filmmakers across the globe. Guests have attended from as far away as Norway!

Demonstrated, proven return on investment

Hell’s Half Mile is a fun and easy way for you to play a role in bringing new and inventive arts programs to Bay City. Your investment helps us grow into a bigger and better event. We can’t do it without you.

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