The jury awards have been decided and the audience ballots have been counted and we are very happy to announce the award winners from HHM8. This year we had one of our best film programs ever, making the choices for jury and audience award difficult. Here are our 2013 award winners:

Jury Awards

Best Feature: Remote Area Medical  ($1000 prize)

Best Short: Camino The Journey to Santiago

Best Screenplay: Tall as the Baobab Tree

Best Cinematography: Remote Area Medical

Best Lead Actor: DETONATOR – Lawrence Michael Levin

Best Lead Actress: Broken Side of Time – Lynn Mancinelli

Best Supporting Actor: Things I Don’t Understand – Hugo Dillon

Best Supporting Actress: Loves Her Gun – Ashley Spillers

Audience Awards

Fest Best: A Band Called Death

Best Short: F**k the Parents

Best Documentary: Remote Area Medical

Best Narrative Feature: Hank and Asha

Programmers Stand-Out Award: Things I Don’t Understand

Thank you to each and every filmmaker who submit their film to us and let us share it at HHM8.

8 Responses

  1. I bought a film pass for 2011 and 2012. I chose not to buy the pass for 2013 because of the horrible seating offered at the Masonic. I will not watch movies on the terrible chairs provided. Perhaps I should bring my own furniture. I paid $10 for the Thursday opener and I think that price is extortion. No way would I buy a pass after paying that outrageous price. I want to support my city, but not under these circumstances. I want better seating at the Masonic. I want to see a better calendar of the films being offered, similar to what Saginaw does. Until then, I will avoid and continue to take my money to other film festivals, such as Saginaw and Traverse City.

    1. Hey JJ,

      I’m sorry you felt that way. I help with the website and while there is always room for improvement, I felt that this year our schedule was presented in a pretty good format. I’m unfamiliar with the Saginaw calendar, are you speaking about something like this one? http://www.riversidesaginawfilmfestival.org/images/schedule2012.jpg

      We did have something similar to that which was posted on the website as well as printed in the brochure that was available at the various venues. Here is what that looked like: https://hhmfest.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/HHM-2013-Film-Schedule.jpg

      I can’t speak for the venues, but I do agree that it was slightly uncomfortable at the Masonic when I went to see “Things I Don’t Understand.” Although my problem was that it was too warm. I’m not sure what could be done to improve that place as a venue, but I can tell you that the board will take your comment under consideration as they plan for next year.

      We are only 8 years in, and all of the people involved in putting on this fest have full time jobs, but they care very much. Here is to hoping that you will check us out next year and like what you see.

    2. Hi JJ, thanks for caring enough to share your concerns. While we know we have room or improvement, we’re not resting on our laurels. At the Masonic this year we had a compete row of padded (bottom ad back) benches for those who would prefer not to sit on folding chairs. In addition, we had padded chairs this year which were marginally better than years past. I’ve had to sit on folding chairs at the Riverside Saginaw, Waterfront Film Festival and others

    3. To continue….anyway, regarding pricing, I’ll have to disagree with you there. We feel that opening night is a very special event. Of course, you have the choice not to attend if you’d like, which doesn’t quite make it extortion. We try to stay away from things like extortion, racketeering, electioneering, gerrymandering and such things.

  2. This is difficult to do from my iPhone but I want to be sure to comment on each of your points, JJ.

    Regarding your last point of the “calendar of films” if you’re referring to a visual calendar that’s something we can work on. If you are referring to the actual program of films we select, well, that’s our programmers’ choice. Every festival has a different personality and focuses on varying types of films. You should have come to our free panel on Friday where we discussed this very topic. Anyway, maybe we’re not your cup of tea, and I can respect that. With that said, I sincerely hope you appreciate our responses and efforts, and I hope you give us another chance. Thanks again for your past attendance. Take care.

  3. You guys are wasting far too much energy trying to appease one person who didn’t get everything his way.

    1. btw, I thought the pass was very much worth the money. It’s not about the seat… it’s about the films.

  4. Good evening, JJ. First, thanks so much for your past support of the festival. We appreciate your effort to support your local culture! Believe it, or not, we had a similar comment about the Masonic seating last year, so we upgraded to padded chairs this year as stated before. Clearly we are still falling a little short, but did you test out any of the Red Room benches? Much more comfy, which is why we leave a couple at the back of the room. Unfortunately, the backs are just high enough to present a visual obstruction when used as the main source of seating; quite posture-correcting, too, so you have no choice but to sit up nice & straight. Did you know that we, too, are fans of Riverside and TCFF? Truth be told, we are a little jealous of the TCFF budget. Imagine making enough money at your festival to help install all new seating and central air in the school auditorium that you use as a venue…what a wonderful give-back to the community! Oh, the amazing things we could do with the Masonic! As card-carrying Friends of TCFF, we feel our admission price is very reasonable. Films at TCFF are $10 each for all films, except the openers; those are $25. Also, in an effort to meet and greet potential and confirmed HHM guests, we attend the Filmmakers’ party for $50 each. We make an effort to keep prices reasonable for both our patrons and to cover festival costs…films, flights, hotel rooms and bands do not come cheaply, and we seek to bring in the best within our budget. Thanks for sharing your input. Hopefully we were able to shed some light on our thought process. At the heart of it all, we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t have a great love for it. We took take input seriously, so thanks for sharing yours.

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