Two-time HHM music alum Leslie Sisson is hatching a new project, an all-female three-piece dubbed Panoramas. After launching their Facebook page on Oct. 27, the trio unveiled a video of their first song, entitled “Please”, on Nov. 4. The video, described by the group as “rough mix, rough vid,” depicts them in a recording studio, Sisson on guitar and vocals.

The tune owes much to ’90s shoegaze, featuring lo-fi guitar work, a hypnotic melody that avoids droning despite its fuzziness, and Sisson’s breathy, Hope Sandoval-like intoning. Apart from this song, details on the project are sketchy, the official site,, featuring only a group photo and the promise that more is coming soon. Still, their Facebook page has amassed 402 ‘likes’ as of Nov. 11.

Sisson played back-to-back years for Hell’s Half Mile, first performing with Matt Pond PA in 2010 and again as a solo artist in 2011.