HHM Film Showcase - January 25 2014b

With guest director/writer/actor Marc Menchaca in attendance!


Location: Delta Planetarium
100 Center Ave, Bay City, MI 48708
Cost: $5.00

HHM is proud to present the first in a series of Film Showcase events to take place in 2014!!



On Saturday, January 25th, 2014 @ 4:30pm we are thrilled to have director/writer/actor Marc Menchaca in attendance for the screening of his film THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE. Please join us for this truly wonderful film, followed by a Q&A with Marc Menchaca.

THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE, a slice-of-life drama set in the Texas Hill Country. A struggling family’s dynamics are challenged and a unique friendship is born when a small-town Texas handyman becomes caregiver to their son with cerebral palsy.

Set in a small town in the Texas Hill Country, mother of two Diane Sutton (CK McFarland) is the caregiver to her twenty-five year old son August (Tobias Segal), who has cerebral palsy, and her husband Bob (Ron Hayden), who is in the early stages of Alzheimerʼs Disease. Her daughter Lainey (Frankie Shaw) is living at home and has distanced herself from the daily life of the family. Suffering her own chronic health issues, Diane is warned by her doctor to make changes to her daily routine, not just her full time job of working stock at a supermarket, but also the exhausting physical demands that August’s care presents: feeding, bathing, transferring him from the car to house, room to room, table to bed. After almost dropping August while carrying him onto the front porch on a recent return home from the store, Diane hires Noah Warden (Marc Menchaca) to build a wheelchair ramp up the steps to the house.

Noah strikes up a conversation with August while building the ramp, and August — who is physically unable to speak — observes Noah throughout. Noah joins the family for dinner that evening as partial payment for his labor; it is clear the Suttons are having a hard time making ends meet. As Noah heads out the door after dinner, Diane catches him and asks if he would like to pick up some work helping out with August during the day while she is at work and he accepts. As the primary caregiver for this family, it is clear that, while asking for help may not come easily to this strong woman, Diane desperately needs assistance to carry this family forward.

As Noah and August get to know each other and navigate the challenges of their relationship, the dynamics within the family begin to shift. Noah is introduced to the Sutton family at a time when they are all at a critical point in their lives. We follow this ordinary Texas family facing great challenges as life takes unexpected turns for all, including the newcomer who is forced to look at the life he has been avoiding.