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Dead Dad On Demand

Dead Dad On Demand

Dead Dad, directed by Ken J. Adachi and which screened at HHM in 2012, has big news to share: FilmBuff has picked up the film for distribution! On February 4th, it will be available on demand from iTunes, Amazon, Google play, and more! You can also get the DVD, exclusively on Amazon.

I specifically remember the day I first watched Dead Dad. As a programmer for the festival, I often take home DVDs (as do the rest, I’m not that special) to screen on my own time so that we can keep up with all of the submissions. I remember that we were in a slump, nearing the end of the summer with not many selected yet. Strewn out on my couch, exhausted from the heat, I quickly perked up as this film began.

When their dad dies, three siblings have to reunite and figure out where to spread their father’s ashes. And while they don’t all get along or ever agree with each other, throughout the movie they learn that sometimes they have to. It’s not sappy or overly sentimental, and there isn’t a big bow figuratively wrapped around the three of them in the end. It’s just real.

Even before I finished watching, I was sure that the rest of the programmers would agree that we found a good one! It screened at HHM in 2012 as well as at a ton of other festivals. And what piqued my interested even more is the fact that it was filmed in just one month by a group of friends, funded entirely from a KickStarter campaign. Go them! We extend our sincerest congratulations as their film as been picked up for distribution!


Watch the trailer on Indiewire, and check out their website for more information on distribution.