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Hell’s Half Mile Film Series: “It’s Not Too Cold For SHORTS”

Hell’s Half Mile Film Series: “It’s Not Too Cold For SHORTS”

February 27, 2016

Delta Planetarium

Tickets: $5.00


We’ve assembled an awesome collection of short films from all over – including New York, California, Ireland, Germany, and Michigan. A perfect mix of comedy, science fiction, animation, drama, and documentary. Short films are great because you can watch 9 completely different stories in 90 minutes, and they can say so much with so little. Many of these films have either won or been nominated for awards, including “The Bigger Picture” which was nominated for an Oscar in 2015.

Don’t let the weather stop you, because it’s not too cold for SHORTS!

Tickets $5.00 at the door

The Struggle of Libations
Director: Erin Mullally
8 minutes
A man undertakes a night-long odyssey across Dublin as he questions his only meaningful relationship – the one he maintains with his ever loyal post-work pint.

Directors: Roman Kaelin, Falko Paeper, Florian Wittmann
4 minutes
Wrapped combines time lapse photography with visual effects to present a view on nature’s processes that are usually unseen by the naked eye. This new perspective tells us how most things around us are somehow connected and interacting with each other.

Pink Grapefruit
Director: Michael Mohan
9 minutes
A young married couple brings two of their single friends out to Palm Springs for a long weekend. It does not go as planned.

Let’s Not Panic
Director: Heather Jack
11 minutes
An apocalyptic comedy about love and neuroses. When an asteroid threatens to hit New York, Sadie, a neurotic and anxious twenty-something, embarks on a quest to reunite with her therapist, with whom she is in love—believing they can finally be together since the rules keeping them apart will cease to exist.

Island Queen
Director: Ben Mallaby
15 minutes
Mim has lived her whole life on a little island with her best mate Danny. Her life is idyllic but going nowhere and she fears she’s left it too late to grow up. She makes the impetuous decision to have a baby – surely a one-way ticket to adulthood? Not in Mim’s case, as she finds herself embroiled in a deeply unpleasant situation that no one could’ve foreseen.

The Bigger Picture
Director: Daisy Jacobs
8 minutes
‘You want to put her in a home; you tell her; tell her now!’ hisses one brother to the other. But Mother won’t go, and their own lives quickly unravel as she clings to life. Director Daisy Jacobs uses two-metre-high painted characters in full-size sets to tell the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an elderly relative. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015, The Bigger Picture is quite simply the most innovative animated short you will see this year.

Orbit Ever After
Director: Jamie Stone
20 minutes
Nigel has fallen in love. But when you live in orbit aboard a ramshackle space hovel with the most risk averse family imaginable, it isn’t easy to follow your heart; especially when the girl of your dreams is spinning around earth the wrong way!

Rabbit Island
Director: Ben Moon
5 minutes
One man’s quest to protect an island he loves leads him to ponder great questions: “Is there an opposite to development? Or an antonym to subdivision”? This film is a brief study of an island set on the most majestic all lakes, the mighty Lake Superior, and the artists who gather there.

Film’s Cool
Director: Jim Gleason
11 minutes
Four film students are given ten weeks to complete a short film for their class. Their disparate personalities make for some hilarious spit-balling of ideas and premises.

Killer Friends
Director: Zach Noe Towers
10 minutes
Four friends go on camping trip that one won’t be coming back from alive…