Tons of films that were screened at HHM can now be watched through Netflix. So if you’re searching for a good movie, check out this list. Maybe there are some of your favorites, or maybe you can catch some that you missed!

Rid of Me
Boy Wonder
The Off Hours
Maria My Love
The Lake Effect
The Lie
Lebanon, PA.
Deforce (on DVD)
Drawing with Chalk (on DVD)
X’s and O’s
Hysterical Psycho (on DVD)
Beyond the Call (on DVD)
Entre Nos (on DVD)
Registered Sex Offender
Run for Your Life
Leaving Barstow (on DVD)
Dakota Skye
Reel Zombies (on DVD)
Can Mr. Smith Go to Washington Anymore?
Witnessing Headlines (on DVD)
Take (on DVD)
The Cake Eaters (on DVD)
You Kill Me
It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To
The Salton Sea (on DVD)