Although HHM 2013 is right around the corner (and boy, are we excited!), let’s not forget the rush of last year’s events just yet. You’ll be happy, and I’m sure not surprised, to know that our 2012 films have gone on to great things since leaving Bay City. Here’s a recap of what’s been up with some of the films from last year:

Love, Sex and Missed Connections
Formerly “Missed Connections” (our opening night film), this film has been getting some great coverage and distribution with Film Festival Flix. You can buy the DVD, buy tickets, or stream it from your computer. On their page, you’ll find they have won multiple awards (including our very own festival’s “Best of Fest”). Film Festival Flix also did a great interview with lead actors Dorien Davies and Kenny Stevenson (also the writer) as well as Lisa Rudin (producer) and Eric Kissack (director). They reveal the secret to getting actors and crew to work for free (hint: it’s tasty) as well as how they all got together, and what is in store next. Toward the beginning of the clip, you’ll even catch a glimpse of Dorien and Kenny’s baby daughter Poppy, born this year on April 5. But before she was born, in March, the director, Eric Kissack married Elizabeth Cuenin, who also worked on the film as a co-editor. And finally, among many reviews, is one by the Huffington Post which says, “Freshman director Kissack delivers a funny, well-paced film, and the clever script offers some fresh twists and turns in the romcom genre.”

Alter Egos
This film was a huge hit at our festival, and it’s no wonder it has gone on to get placed on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon. You can even purchase a 20 minute video on iTunes (also in the extras on the DVD) where Jordan Galland gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the film. Rolling Stone did a feature on Sean Lennon and his work with making the soundtrack for Alter Egos. And the film inspired Hugo Matte to do a short film, called “Super Egos.” And although it’s a post from last November, just in case you missed it, here is a link to the film’s blog post where they post pictures of their time in Bay City, but they claim they “do not of course capture the excitement of the actual film festival itself.”

Supporting Characters
In addition to being on VOD and iTunes, Supporting Characters was one of Indiewire’s top ten indies to watch in January, one of DailyCandy’s must-see movies in January (where, by the way, Fairhaven, which screened also in 2012, keeps them company), and the winner for multiple festival awards. The New York Daily News ran a review of the film in which the film is described as “an amusing, often-insightful indie . . . thanks to the easygoing chemistry between [Alex] Karpovsky and [Tarik] Lowe.” Dan Schechter shares what he thinks is his most successful scene of the movie on Indiewire, and the Huffington Post gives and interview with Schechter.