Check your Facebook newsfeed at any given time of day, and you’ll be inundated with links to a myriad of lists (18 Signs Your Best Friend is your Best Friend, 10 Reasons to Why You’re Not Happy, 15 Child Actors That No Longer Act . . .). And while most of them are crap, are obvious truths, or don’t make sense at all, we just can’t help reading them (and on occasion sharing them). If nothing else, they become a nice distraction at work when you’re really supposed to be doing something much more important.


But bear with me for a moment here, because quite honestly and in general, I love lists; I don’t think that I could function daily at work or at home without them. But this is really just a roundabout way of getting to what really matters here: the list in question. So if you’re still reading this (frankly, I always happen to skip the intros to lists, too), read on to discover my top 5 reasons (could be 10, could be 20, but 5 is what you get) you should go see the next film in our film series on March 22 (at 4:30 p.m. at the Planetarium).


1. The film. How We Got Away With It is a murder mystery you can’t wait to unfold. Its website quotes, “Secrets. Revenge. Murder. What better way to spend the weekend?” Here’s the synopsis: “Returning home from jail just before the arrival of his friends for their annual reunion weekend, Henry discovers a shocking tragedy. His rash and unpredictable response sets in motion a chain of events of secrets, revenge and murder that will forever change the course of everyone’s lives, sweeping up the innocent and threatening to destroy them all. Inspired by the new-wave crime dramas of the 1960s and ’70s, this mysterious and suspenseful noir is a taut and explosive mix.”


2. How We Got Away With It brings with it many awards including a finalist for the Emerging Director Award Competition at 2013 St. Louis International Film Festival, Best of Fest at 2013 Film Fest Twain Harte, 1st Runner-up Stolman Audience Award for Best American Independent Feature at the 2013 Sonoma International Film Festival, Winner Best Showcase Feature Film at 2013 SOHO International Film Festival, and more.


3. Director and actor (also Co-writer and Co-Producer) Jon Lindstrom will be attending the screening and will be available for a Q&A session afterward. What a cooler way to fully engage in the film than to be able to speak to one who helped create it?


4. What better do you have to do? It’s Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning cartoons are over, and it’s not quite time to hit the bar yet. I imagine you have great plans to lounge around in your PJs, or if you’re the more ambitious type, you’re heading to the grocery store to stock up on bacon and coffee for Sunday morning’s hangover. Anyway, the point is, I’m sure you’ve got the time to come check out an awesome film.


5. It’s only five bucks. Five bucks. You can’t go to the movie theatre for that cheap. And if you feel like taking your date out, take him/her before dinner instead. It’s only five bucks. Am I being redundant? (10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing) I think not.